Japan Food Festival 2023 Update

During the Japan Food Festival held on July 8th (Saturday) and 9th (Sunday), 2023, the Chicken Curry made with KIMOTO’s delicious rice was completely sold out.

Thanks to the deliciousness of the rice, simple salted rice balls (onigiri) were much high sold, and the Japanese dishes, including curry, salted rice balls, and onigirazu, provided by the KansaiJin-kai were praised as “delicious!” from the customers.

We went all out in our efforts, even to the extent of carefully deboning Swiss-sourced BIO salmon for the salmon flakes. Look at this amazing Swiss BIO salmon with its rich oil…


We also offered generously sized rice balls that could easily fill you up, in addition to the ones showcasing the delicious rice.


There were four types of onigiri: salted, salmon flakes, Hiratake mushroom, minced meat, and Onigirazu with Salmon Mayo Salad.

Additionally, we served two types of curry—one was a Michelin-level chicken curry made with plenty of onions, and Also vegan curry using chickpeas.


We had a blast preparing all of these dishes together the day before the event. It’s true that the cook’s heart is infused into the food, and we received plenty of “Oh my god” reactions for what we provided.

Despite the hot weather on the event day, it turned out to be such a fun event that no one seemed to mind the heat…

Switzerland Switzerland

Our original T-shirts will also be available for sale at the Fest der Nationen, taking place in Zug on September 2nd, 2023. The graphics are designed by the popular Japanese designer, Mr. Terry, and the collaboration work with the KansaiJin-Kai is yet to be released.

We are looking forward to meeting all of you in September.

KansaiJin-Kai Team